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    My name is Rob Skidmore and my wife is Corryn.

    In December I graduated from Brigham Young University with a B.A. in English and joined the ranks of the unemployed.

    I enjoy writing, you can find some of my stories and poems on this blog.

    I also ran track for BYU. I was in great shape until my appendectomy over the summer. Now I am just a skinny white guy with great form and decent muscle tone who gets winded jogging from my front door to the mailbox.

    I am going to be a first time daddy in May. It's a boy. We have a name. We aren't telling.

    I like reading; mostly short stories, they fit my attention span.

    If you like my perspective on stuff feel free to follow this blog, join me on Twitter, or add me on Facebook.

    I work for Infogenix as a SEO Content Writer. If you are interested add me on LinkedIn. I have mad writing skills.

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First Encounter

We met in the beginning of November. Weston decided to have a movie night at our apartment so he invited a bunch of people. Heather was a mutual friend and invited Corryn to come with her to eat pizza, watch a movie and partake in the goodness.

The Start

Corryn: I had just gone through a break up about a month earlier. I had been invited to hang out with Rob and Weston a few times. Finally I gave in and decided I needed to meet more people.

Rob: I was just getting back into the dating scene. After a few random experiences the month before and then a short drought it was time to cowboy up and get back on the horse. I had a blind date planned with another girl (a double date actually with the ward clerk and his wife)and there was a second girl that was showing a lot of interest. However at this moment I was planning on spending the night doing absolutely nothing. Totally unaware that Weston had other plans.

First Sight

Corryn: I remember Rob was wearing a purple tie dye V-neck and black rimmed glasses. I have always loved black rimmed glasses. (very sexy) Heather introduced us and he was not at all what I expected from what she told me about their previous date. A little later I remember standing at the counter while he was playing the guitar, some Beatles song, I can’t remember I tried to make conversation but he wasn’t very cooperative.

Rob: Our eyes met sparks flew, angels in the heavens sang glorious songs my heart jumped into my throat. Who was this golden haired goddess that just stumbled into my apartment? I didn’t really know what to say just that I need to say something. I remember thinking “she is gorgeous, I better get after her before Weston does or I’ll never get the chance.” I probably said some stuff. I don’t remember what, but it was probably dumb. Usually I don’t have that problem, natural born lady killer ya know, but I was about to be humbled.

The Conversation (or lack thereof)

Corryn: There was Pomegranate 7-Up Rob had some and I was wondering how it tasted. He offered a sip and I drank some from his cup which is something I never do. At some point I don’t remember what was going on but we ended up holding hands for a second.

Rob: I remember something about soda pop and pizza and holding hands and blond hair and angels and love and bunnies and something and fuzzy.

The Movie

Corryn: Rob sat right next to me and Weston sat below me on the ground with his head on my knee. I wasn’t sure what to think. Weston wanted me to give him a head massage. I wouldn’t but Heather did.

Rob: I knew I was interested in this girl so I made sure that I sat by her during the movie. I wasn’t really sure what to think though when she refused to touch Weston and sat very far from me. But the movie was good.

The Dance Party

Corryn: I blocked this out on account of Weston’s dance moves.

Rob: I still wasn’t sure what to think but I definitely liked her moves. But I tried not to seem too interested. I didn’t want to be that creepy guy that follows people around like a lost little puppy even though I feel like a lost little puppy sometimes on the inside. But don’t tell anyone.

The Circle

Corryn: I remember sitting in the dark in a circle and we had to say our dance motto or spirit animal for the night. I remember it was strange.

Rob: We did our customary post dance circle up. I sat across the circle from her Weston was sitting by her. Must say I was a little bit jealous. But again didn’t want to be creepy. I remember saying something dumb like “my dance spirit animal is the platypus” or “my motto is dance till you sweat through your pants.”

Winding Down

Corryn: As we were leaving we were on the porch and talking about dance parties. Rob got my number so that he could invite us to the dance parties. I didn’t think much of it at the time.

Rob: I made up some dumb excuse to get her number. Dance night…. Number…. Text…. ASDKFAJA…. I probably sounded like an awkward cave man.

Post Encounter

Corryn: As we were driving home Heather told me that Rob doesn’t ever ask for numbers.


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  1. Ha ha, I love this. Mostly because I know all of you so well and so none of it seems weird to me. I'm glad you refused to touch Weston's head lol he needs rejection sometimes 😉

  2. haha! I love this! I love reading both of the views, Ben and I did this a while back. I am really happy for you two! Have fun with your adventures!


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