Hard Work

Yesterday I did some yard work for a man I didn’t know. I showed up with two other guys at 9:30am. We worked moving rock and turning soil by shovel. I had been a long time since I had done this kind of manual labor for such an extended period of time. It made me realize how much I enjoy it. There is something about an ache in your back at the end of a long day that is strangly satisfying. The Subway sandwiches we ate around noon-thirty tasted more exquisite than anything I had eaten in a long time. When I drank the ice water I could feel the rush and cooling sensation as my body absorbed it.
The experience made me grateful that my Dad would drag me out of bed on summer mornings give me an ax and a shovel and tell me to build a fence. There are so many out there who do not understand the value of hard work. I am glad that I was taught how to enjoy it.

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  1. Anonymous

     /  June 20, 2011

    too true


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