I took up a job a few weeks ago doing some editing work for a marriage and family counselor in Texas. It has really been wonderful. I have realized how important a secure marriage and how difficult it is to achieve. Since I have been dating Corryn I realize that love is a lot of work and sacrifice. Relationships are fragile and we need to continually monitor them so that we can keep them stable.
The single most important thing I will do in my life to get married. After that the most important thing that I will do is keep that marriage successful.
A while ago when this blog was part of the internet magazine I was trying to start I wrote an article about a Readers Digest bit that I read. Sadly I deleted the post when I decided not to do the magazine anymore.
Something that I realized while reading the Readers Digest story was that we are paralyzed by fear in our relationships. We are so afraid to fail that we forget how to succeed. I believe that if we focus on having success and not preventing failure we would have much happier and loving relationships.
Lets be real, who wants a marriage that is just holding on; tied together with string and glue and tape. I for one do not.

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