New update on my life

For the last month my mouth has been in a constant state of distress.
It all began when Corryn and I were about to travel to my childhood home in New York. The night before we were to leave I didn’t sleep at all because my second molar was aching. I finally ended up rolling out of bed at around 7 and driving to the dentist’s office. I waited outside till about 9:30 for someone to show up. The doctor ran out for a second threw me a prescription for an antibiotic and then I went to the airport.
Throughout the trip I was in incredible pain. At random times it would flare up and there was nothing I could do but shut my eyes and clench my fists. Finally as we were about to leave to drive back across country I went to the dentist in New York. He prescribed another antibiotic that finally cleared up the problem.
When we got back to Utah I finally decided to get all my problems taken care of. Turns out I needed 3 wisdom teeth pulled an a root canal. Imagine my excitement.
So the wisdom teeth came out last week. It wasn’t too bad. The dentist had to yank on one for about ten minuted before it would budge. But after that the drugs made everything numb. The only miserable thing is that I had huge holes in my mouth and couldn’t eat real food. So after a few days of soup and smoothies I was starting to feel okay. Just in time for my root canal.
So now I am in pain again. I still cant chew normally and I have to go and get a cap next week.
If I wasn’t getting married in 3 weeks my life would be miserable.
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