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    My name is Rob Skidmore and my wife is Corryn.

    In December I graduated from Brigham Young University with a B.A. in English and joined the ranks of the unemployed.

    I enjoy writing, you can find some of my stories and poems on this blog.

    I also ran track for BYU. I was in great shape until my appendectomy over the summer. Now I am just a skinny white guy with great form and decent muscle tone who gets winded jogging from my front door to the mailbox.

    I am going to be a first time daddy in May. It's a boy. We have a name. We aren't telling.

    I like reading; mostly short stories, they fit my attention span.

    If you like my perspective on stuff feel free to follow this blog, join me on Twitter, or add me on Facebook.

    I work for Infogenix as a SEO Content Writer. If you are interested add me on LinkedIn. I have mad writing skills.

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My Ten Seconds Of Fame

Last fall BYU made national sports news for an unsportsmanlike debacle during a game with New Mexico. The incident made it onto ESPN and caused a storm of controversy as to whether players involved should be suspended.
After seeing the incident and all the hate that it created I wrote a letter to Elizabeth Lambert via the Daily Lobo, New Mexico’s school news paper.
The Daily Lobo published my letter and it made the news in a couple different places. Including a mention on ABC News.