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    I enjoy writing, you can find some of my stories and poems on this blog.

    I also ran track for BYU. I was in great shape until my appendectomy over the summer. Now I am just a skinny white guy with great form and decent muscle tone who gets winded jogging from my front door to the mailbox.

    I am going to be a first time daddy in May. It's a boy. We have a name. We aren't telling.

    I like reading; mostly short stories, they fit my attention span.

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Baby Photo Do’s and Don’ts

I wrote this as part of an Interview. It is the first post I have ever written for SEO purposes. (You should click on the links 🙂

Your little bundle of joy is home from the hospital; time to take an adorable picture of your bright-eyed offspring to send to all of the relatives. By now you have probably seen millions of baby announcements pasted to the walls at the OB/GYN. It might be tempting to go out on a limb and try something radically different. RESIST THE URGE. Baby photography is a subtle art, a little goes a long way and a lot goes too far.

Do: use some kind of photo prop for babies

Wicker baskets with fuzzy blankets never go out of style. If you don’t want a basket try a baby hammock. Use crocheted hats to add variety. It is okay to turn your baby into a little lion, monkey, or owl. The in-laws will love it. Just be careful which animal you choose. Lobsters are neither cuddly nor cute.

Don’t: use this opportunity to drop pop culture references

No matter how much you love Star Wars this is a baby announcement not Halloween. The infant Yoda costume you got in the bargain bin last year is out.

Don’t: include food items

As cool as it may look to surround the baby with shiny red apples you don’t want your great aunt to call asking if your family has turned cannibalism. Baby salad is always tacky.

Do: make use of photography backdrop stands

Even if you are taking the photos yourself, you want them to look professional. A backdrop focuses the attention of the picture where it should be, on your baby. It’s also a good way to cover up your 1970’s paisley wallpaper.

This is the only time your baby will be announced. Don’t ruin it for them. When it comes to baby photos, the good ones your relatives remember and the bad ones they won’t let you forget.


Getting Married Part One: The Dating Experience

This is the story about how Corryn and I got married.

Our dating experience went like this:


Me: Hi, I’m Rob. Give me your number so I can invite you to dance parties that we have on Tuesday cause we like to dance a lot and on Tuesdays. We have other days that we dance on too, like Friday.

Corryn: Okay.



Also Tuesday

Friday with the same clothes......? Nope. Also Tuesday.


First Date

(See previous post)


Me: My mom asked me if we are dating. Are we?

Corryn: I don’t know are we?

Me: I don’t know are we?

Corryn: I don’t know you tell me.

Me: We are.


Now don't start that again



Me: “Do you Love me? I love you.”

Corryn: Ummm…

The next day

Corryn: I love you too.

Me: Cool.




Me: Could you see yourself marrying a goofy looking guy like me?

Corryn: You’re not goofy looking.

Me: Not what I asked.


I Have The Best Wife

Just look at what she got me for Valentines.

Awesome Valentine

BYU Black History Month: Dave Ackerman = Attention Monger

Some of you may have seen this video.

Although it pains me to write this, because even acknowledging Ackerman is giving him exactly what wants, this video needs to be talked about.

There are so many things wrong about this that I’ll just make a list.

1. This kind of ignorance is not uncommon. As this article points out, “[Ackerman] probably could have gotten those answers on most college campuses around the country,” and any urban street for that matter.

2. In the editing room it is very easy to take footage and make people appear any way that you want – ask anyone who works in reality TV.

3. He asked leading questions that were designed to be inflammatory. “Would you feel more comfortable dating a black guy who acts like a white guy or a white guy who acts like a black guy?” There is no way to answer this question without sounding racist.

4. If you ask someone to do an impersonation of course it is going to be stereotyped. THAT IS WHAT AN IMPERSONATION IS. Also students in the video were simply regurgitating stereotypes that have been perpetuated by the media. If you pay attention you will notice mainly quotes from popular MAD TV skits like Bon Qui Qui or Can I Have Your Number. Who then is to blame, the students or the media?

5. Ackerman himself is perpetuating the stereotype by painting his face black and wearing the cloths that he did.

6. Why is Ackerman surprised that only 3 people commented on that fact that he wasn’t black? Anybody could tell that he wasn’t. The people thought it was a joke and were just playing along. And since they thought it was a joke they were more likely to stereotype because the media has taught us that stereotyping is funny. (See point number 4)

7. Finally, want to talk about ignorance? How about the way that Ackerman introduced the video on his facebook page? I quote, “Black History Mumf is hur! What does whitey know about it?”

Ackerman tries to defend himself at the end of the video by saying that he is fighting ignorance with ignorance.

Clearly he hasn’t learned anything from black history either. I cannot imagine Martin Luther King Jr. being anything but appalled by this video. The Civil Rights Movement was not about sensationalism or about embarrassing others. I want to make it clear that ignorance of any kind is sad. But trying to fight ignorance with more ignorance is disgusting.

Ackerman just wants the page views and in spite of myself I have given them to him.

Ignorance is a personal responsibility. If you really want to fight it, do yourself and the world a favor by learning about Black History.

Stop Ignoreance

Also my wife said I should write this as Bob Seymour so that people would not get mad at me. 🙂

Romney/Rmoney = a little bit funny

I don’t want to get all political.  I don’t mind Romney and I think he probably is the best Republican candidate to take on Obama. Obviously he is not perfect. But, as much as it pains me to see anyone embarrass themselves, this is hilarious.

The photo is clearly altered and you can find the original here.


Oh Mr. Romney, if only you were a little more discrete about your financial security this whole situation could have been avoided.